Christian Encouragement

Learning Sensitivity Editing for Christians

You may have heard a lot about Sensitivity Editing and the bylaws attached to it. However, the best practice for Christians is to avoid epithets and learn to recognize ethnic disparities. Generally, we do avoid epithets, but when some choose to ignore God, we want to honor God.

In my day, the word queer was as derogatory as the word fa**ot. Yet, recently younger non-Christian editors have taught that this word is now acceptable. However, for Christians, we should consider its history and that this word sits in an acronym that Christians know connects to homosexuality. Now as Christian editors, it is important to remember why you are a Christian editor first and not simply an editor. Christians uphold the doctrine of repentance and share the authenticity of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures of Jewish history and the fear of God. Therefore, we must instead remember the Scriptures. The Scriptures help us to remain in righteousness and can help us to deescalate inflammatory content when necessary. Although, sharing the truth in love (and in rebuke) is not always well-received.

We do not desire to offend any, so our actions will reflect that by continuing to reject epithets and consider ethnic disparities while at the same time, applying righteousness without hypocrisy.

All Christian editors must remember that a stylesheet is created from a stylebook that contains rules that are highly recommended with room for editorial discretion. Don't forget your godfearing discretion.